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DMT Certified’s team touts over 15 years of experience serving the medical industry. We provide professional environmental disinfection and equipment disinfection services that help save countless human lives, as well as management services that drastically reduce costs, staff time, equipment losses, and management inefficiencies.

We proudly serve the Midwest, East Coast, and American South. Trust the experts in Disinfection Management Technology— choose DMT.

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DMT Certified is available to the U.S. states East of the Mississippi.



DMT makes the world safer, healthier, and more efficient through technology, education, and kindness.

Our mission is to provide decontamination services for healthcare facilities and businesses that will positively impact the efforts to control infection.

Laurie Colagiovanni

Laurie Colagiovanni


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Julie Hricko

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Trust DMT Certified— the leaders in infection prevention, equipment tracking, and procedural development and execution.

Environmental & Equipment Disinfection

We implement a comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting protocol that provides documentation every time a device is used on a patient— now required for accreditation.

Passive RFID Equipment Tracking

We implement Passive RFID Technology and can track every device at all times. We can pinpoint a device to the patient bed and track its location throughout the hospital.

Departmental & Procedural Enhancement

As part of our program we assist with a variety of different departmental functions, from clinical engineering assistance, to nursing equipment support, and isolation guidelines.

If you’re not DMT CERTIFIED, your patients are at risk.


Get Your No-Cost Risk Assessment

We provide a no-cost evaluation of your current procedures and let you know how we can help, and possibly save you money. Regulations are changing and now is the time to partner with an established professional organization that can help ensure that you are meeting and exceeding current and future requirements.