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Disinfection Management Technology

We are the leaders in environmental and equipment disinfection and RFID technology


How We Serve the Healthcare Industry

What we do is in our name. Disinfection Management Technology (DMT) Certified are the industry leaders in healthcare facility infection prevention, equipment disinfection, environmental disinfection, and high-tech equipment logistics.

Environmental & Equipment Disinfection

Our comprehensive disinfecting and cleaning protocol helps prevent and eliminate hospital-borne illnesses and viral infections.

RFID Equipment Tracking

We implement live and passive RFID technology and can track every device at all times. Pinpoint any device in real-time, right down to the patient bed.

Departmental & Procedural Enhancement

DMT Certified assists with different departmental functions, including clinical engineering, equipment delivery, isolation protocol and more.


Environmental & Equipment Disinfection

DMT Certified are the industry experts in infection prevention and elimination in high traffic and at-risk facilities like hospitals, hospices, mobile clinics, and more.

With Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) on the rise, it is more important than ever to ensure the fact that medical equipment be thoroughly disinfected according to manufacturer specification.


High-Tech Equipment Tracking

Devices are constantly moving around the hospital from patient to patient and may go with a patient during transport. Keeping track of all of that information can be a daunting task for any department. As part of our program, we implement live and passive RFID technology and can track every device at all times. 


Value-Added Services for Hospitals

As part of our program, we offer a variety of different departmental assistance functions that help you save time, staff headaches, and cost.

What Our Partners Are Saying…


“The amount of employee time and cost we have saved over the last 10 years with DMT is beyond anything we could have imagined— or even realized, until we partnered with them.”

– Vince M., Facilities Director


“DMT’s disinfection standards are unmatched even in the hospital and healthcare industry. Incredibly, meticulously thorough. They help save lives as much as we do.”

– Dr. Loretta P., Staff Surgeon


The DMT Promise

If you are not sure if your facility requires Disinfection Management Technology, ask yourself:



Do we have a comprehensive equipment cleaning practice and procedure that supports JCAHO requirements for documentation?
If you answered “No”…



Have we ever experienced equipment shortages?
If you answered “Yes”…



Have there been equipment shortages or caregivers not having the devices they need?
If you answered “Yes”…



Are we doing everything we can do to help prevent the spread of infection and maintain patient safety?
If you answered “No”…

If you’re not DMT CERTIFIED, your patients are at risk.


Get Your No-Cost Risk Assessment

We provide a no-cost evaluation of your current procedures and let you know how we can help, and possibly save you money. Regulations are changing and now is the time to partner with an established professional organization that can help ensure that you are meeting and exceeding current and future requirements.